• Our core values

    • ​We welcome everyone, no need for a degree or formal background in computer science or information security. 

  • Grassroots

    • Hack The Planet! We believe in fostering and keeping those values of freedom, digital rights, and thinking outside the box when looking at the security of everything. 

  • Self-improvement

    • We believe every individual can achieve anything they want through focus, persistence, and passion for what they do. 

  • Help others

    • As many of our members progress in their careers and lives, we incentivize them to help others who are earlier in their journey and those who have to start it. 

Meet the Members

Our members come from diverse backgrounds such as Retail, Manual Labor, Military, and many other industries that may not have had chances for entry, let alone advancement into cybersecurity. Some of our members are now working for reputable Government Agencies, are Entrepreneurs, or work for some of the most respected security companies.


A Message from Pacific Hackers’ Vice-President Marco Palacios


To all my fellow Veterans.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! You are part of a unique group of individuals that have answered our nation’s call to keep this country free. Today we celebrate you and thank you for all the sacrifices you gave to keep this country as beautiful as it is in the name of freedom.


We are living in a different world than we used to know. There is anger, frustration, and disappointment. But let’s not forget why we served this county and why you are so special. You are an individual with skills and knowledge that the rest of the country will not have nor experience; keep making this country great. As President Kennedy once said, “My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”


Godspeed Brothers & Sisters. AIM HIGH



Tech Sergeant Palacios
United States Air Force


Silicon Valley, California


(408) 987-4893